A Clear Expansion Committee (CEC) is an area organization centered around an Scientology Org (Church) or Mission, coordinating all Scientology activities in the area, both secular and non-secular. The aim of the committee is:

To unite and coordinate all Scientologists, Scientology organizations and groups and social betterment activities in an area toward making L. Ron Hubbard technology widely known and broadly applied with the ultimate goal of salvaging all beings, clearing the entire community and building a Scientology world. [1]

It is every Scientologist's duty to achieve the state of clear. Hubbard's goal from the beginning was to "clear the planet", in other words, to see that everyone on earth became a clear, including the use of controversial means. Only clears, for example, could marry and bear children. [2]

Committee MembershipEdit

The Org's Commanding Officer or Executive Director serves as the Chairman of the area CEC. The Public Executive Secretary of the Org is the Deputy Chairman of the CEC, and the Field Control Secretary is the CEC Secretary[1].

The other Org Executives in the CEC include:

  • Director of Clearing
  • Director of Success
  • Volunteer Ministers In Charge
  • Director of Special Affairs

The CEC also include representatives from the following field areas:


Although many Scientology front groups claim that they are independent and secular, the existence of the CEC proves otherwise - the main purpose is to promote and recruit. In the 2002 CEC Directory[3] of Clearwater, Florida, the Education groups include Applied Scholastics, World Literacy Crusade, and 13 schools or tutoring services. The Gung-Ho groups include Cherish The Children Foundation, Friendly Neighbors Committee, and 5 troops of cub/boy/girl scouts.


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